Banking Info. Network Center

Banking Information Network



The Center Message:



Secure and documented electronic banking transactions, to protect the rights of customer.



Services Provided to Banks:


  • Design and redesign for banking network.
  • Issuance the standard setting to connecting the network sites with the wide network.
  • Develop and auditing the insurance policy in collaboration with Central Bank Of Sudan (CBOS).
  • Provide a connectivity through banking network.
  • Monitoring the sites that connected the network.
  • The securing service for banking information network in accordance with international standards.
  • Manage switches securing communications devices on banking network.
  • Email system for the banking sector.
  • Provide a secure and documented service for transactions that execute by banks via banking network
  • Public Key Infrastructure project.

National Electronic Cheque Clearing Center

Electronic Cheque Clearing services   The center message:   Collecting the cheques as fast as possible. Service of archiving for banking cheques.   Services provided to Banks:   Manage and operating the main servers of electronic clearing system. Offering the technical support that enable the banks to communicate terminal with  branches. Collecting cheques from any bank window. Offering the necessary reports to Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) and Banks. archivin ...


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